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Reviews for Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Vessels


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  I attended your class on ceramics this Saturday Joan and left feeling elated!

Why? Well, I learned  new techniques to controlling my paints using paint  & alcohol on ceramics products....and I felt your instructions  assisted me 100% in overcoming my fears of workIng in this medium AND I  experienced   success on both of my ceramics pieces!
I want to take more of your experiential learning with art classes, and particularly one in Glass & Tile Pendants for gifts. I feel you take us down a path of  learning with undue pressure as we are learning both from our mistakes  and successes!!
Feeling elated as well  was a plus!! I now am thinking I can go forward in  this arena to practice more and more, but would readily take more  classes in this medium as in other painting classes.... where you are  the art instructor!
Thank you Joan
Lilli Barnett a
lcohol ink classes

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Yellow Water Lilies, a photo by Joan

​"I  continue to be amazed at Joan's creative versatility! She has a great  'photographer's eye' and has captured some really memorable images.  And  her alcohol ink pieces are both delicate and beautifully bold at the  same time, with deep & rich coloration. There is a truly confident  artistic touch in whatever she creates." 

​~ Debbie Groves, Austin, Texas

Alcohol Ink Pendants

 "I loved my first class on alcohol ink pendant making; so much camaraderie with the small class. You are a good teacher Joan;  inspiring teaching with clear instructions and a lot of fun built into the lessons! I want more!  

Thanks,  Lilli Barnett

​Austin, Texas

Morning Glories overflowing a fence.

More Alcohol Ink on Pendants Class Reviews


 "Joan  has an artistic gift and she is able to share that gift with others. I  had never tried this kind of medium before (alcohol inks) and don't  consider myself much of an artist but wanted to try the class because of  all the lovely work of Joan's I had seen. She gave us step by step  instructions as well as a list of  supplies.  She was very supporting to those of us a bit hesitant to  let our creative side out. It was a fun time of creation for me and I  enjoyed the friendly banter as we worked. I like the two pendants I created and will take another class from Joan. "   Betty McCreary, Austin, Texas 

I enjoyed the classes and it was a bargain! Joan not only provides the materials but graciously demonstrates the "how to" and says where to buy supplies. Would love to take another class.                                                                    Corie Bonner, Nacogdoches, Texas

I attended an alcohol ink pendant making class with Joan and others. What fun! Joan supplied everything except clumsy fingers. Those were mine. She gave clear step by step instructions and suggestions, even telling us where to get the best deals on supplies. I left with two pendants created on the smooth side of white dominoes. Had I purchased these, I would have easily paid twice what the class cost me and these were custom made to my tastes. You should take a class and have an enjoyable afternoon. Don't worry about talent. Joan will help you find yours.

Martin Mayland, Cedar Creek, Texas

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