Hands on, experiential Art Parties with Joan of Austin

Alcohol Ink Pendants

Samples of Alcohol Ink on Dominoes to be worked into necklaces or worn as pendants.

 No prior art experience needed.  This class  (or party) is a delightful way learn about alcohol ink paints on dominoes.

Alcohol Ink Ceramic Tiles

Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tiles, backed with cork to be used as coasters.

Make coasters, or use as display. This class  or party is best after first working with pendants and could also be okay for those new to this art form.

More Possibilities to Party

Card Making

Handmade card of roses and squares as an offset.

Sending a card you've made is such gratification. You benefit and the recipient knows you took your time on it.  A card-making class is tons of fun, no prior experience needed.

See class descriptions for more information

Assemblage in boxes


This is easily a three hour workshop/party where the attendees may bring their own box. Sometimes folks finish these at home, sometimes in  the class/workshop. It is a creative time and requires some artistic imagination, which Joan believes we all have.

Pendants on Glass & other Tiles

Glass tiles, approximately the size of a domino, made into decorative pendants to wear singly or to

This class or party will detail the 13 step process in making a lovely pendant or two to keep or give to someone else.

It is less messy than alcohol ink and still every bit as much fun.

More about Art Making Classes and parties

These parties are Joan's idea of a really good time with your friends and family. They may be held in your home with a limit to number of attendees, according to chosen media. Or party at Joan's studio which limits the gathering to eight attendees.  You may provide optional refreshments or a birthday cake at either place. Contact Joan for more information, button below. She loves a party!