Class Descriptions

Glass and Tile Pendants

Pendants made from glass or stone tiles.

 For this class we will use both clear and opaque, glass and/or stone tiles. From start to finish you will create two (2) pendants, front and back sides, and take them home with you.You may bring embellishments, or use some which are provided. Class cost is $25. Joan sells these pendants from $21 to $27 each. You will leave with two pendants of your own creation.  

Creating Original Cards


 The basics of card making, plus an introduction to simple tools will be taught in this hands-on experiential class. You will create one of a kind cards you'll be proud to send or give. We'll feature photos,  and/or  stamping  on these cards. All materials are provided. Optionally, you may bring your own photos as desired.    Class fee is $20 for up to five cards. Envelopes are included. Make as many as you desire in 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  .

Want to have an art making party at Joan's?  Invite friends? 

Contact me about it.

Alcohol Ink on Dominoes as Pendants

dominoes painted with alcohol inks.

This class covers basics about using alcohol ink and various techniques to be used on the surfaces of two dominoes. These will become two pendants you take home.  They will be sealed with one coat of sealant, which means you will be taking them away wet, on a surface provided. 

Embellishments are optional. Joan has some she will provide, however, you may bring anything you like which fits on a domino. A painted domino made into a pendant or magnet, without embellishing, makes a beautiful statement.

All materials are provided in the class fee of $20.

Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Vessels


Prior knowledge of working with Alcohol Ink on any surface is required to take this class. Here we will introduce blending solution and learn how to work with it for a "marbled" effect.  You can bring a plain white glazed ceramic vessel (and lid if applicable) and leave with it having been painted & glazed once.   If you cannot find a white vessel you may purchase one of Joan's findings, inexpensively, on the day of the class. Examples will be on hand and Joan will demonstrate as well. All supplies necessary are included in the  $30 class fee,except for the ceramic vessel. This will take approximately three hours of class time, depending on you and it's not a race to finish! 

Holiday cardmaking

Old Holiday card become new cards as you create them

Creating  Re-cycled Cards, 

 Old to New, Stamping & Embellishing New Cards

You will create blank cards to send or give for any occasion.  From one card to a boxed set, make as many as 4 cards for the class fee of $20 with all materials provided, including envelopes.

Old Christmas or other greeting cards may be recycled as jazzed up versions of your own making, or you may make cards using ink and rubber stamping. These will be cards you'll enjoy sending or giving.  Prerequisites: none

Beginners Digital Photography

This dove made her nest for two years in the razor sharp wires atop a fence at  jail near Austin, TX


This class will include:

  • a photo taking field trip
  •  Composition
  • framing/positioning
  • Lighting
  • Setting up computer files
  • Transfers to computer
  • Discussion about altering photos

All of this depending on what YOU want to learn.

Requirements:  Own a camera or borrow one, be familiar with it.

A mobile phone with camera qualifies and instructions on editing on an iphone will be given if desired.

This is a 3 hour class  $35

Small & Fun Classes


 The Artist Way Classes:  This series of classes offers intentional interaction between creative people engaged in a variety of art forms. Here we are in the middle of an ice breaker exercise, but mostly we aren't quite so physical. It also requires that during classes you read a chapter each week from Julie Cameron’s book titled “The Artist’s Way”. I combine a couple of classes and make it 10 classes of 1 ½ hours each. Class is held weekly beginning mid-January, which has been a great time for my past two classes. These were attended by guys and gals numbering a total of 24 participants.Cost: $75   Scholarships available.  

Creating Cards from Nature


You will create your own version of cards from nature. These are beautiful cards which are fun to create, to give and to receive.

Samples, demo and instructions from start to finish are provided in this class, as are all materials needed .

Here you will learn about: 

  •    cutting card stock to fit envelope, 
  • folding
  •  choosing papers 
  • embellishing as desired

Class fee of $20 for creating 3  cards 

Creating Holiday Gifts: Choice of Two Classes


#1 Glass and Tile or Alcohol Ink Pendants 

Come alone or with kids who will love to make either Pendants (3) or Magnets  (4) or Mix up (4) as Holiday Gifts or to wear!  You will leave with 3 to 4 gift items of your own creation for a class fee of $30. This is a 3 hour class where the basics of using alcohol inks will be reviewed or learned for the first time, and where Joan is available for all questions. Your painted products will have one coat of sealant and will be sent home with you to dry overnight. 

#2  Gifts class - Coasters or Vessel

Make a wonderful set of coasters (4) or paint a vessel or two small, as gifts. Inks, blending solution and 4 tiles (or one vessel) included in the class fee of $30

Demo by Joan as needed.

November 16th & 17th Studio Show and Sale



This will be a show and sale of my mixed media art. You will find the best prices at my studio shows! There will be a large display of my collage boxes which I call Re-Boxing, all but a few will be available to purchase. In addition my photography, some framed, some just matted, many in beautiful cards. Also, many Pendants, Coaster Sets, Earrings, Ceramics, Collage Cards and a few surprises!  

Small class at work.


Small classes are great for making new friends or bringing one with you. Small classes also make for camaraderie, light conversation, concentration and laughter, and get the energy going for some wonderful creations. At times we get very quiet when in the zone.

The Work of Byron Katie

Photo Credit to my granddaughter and student, Amanda. She was 12 years old.

Photo credit to Amanda who learned from me before smart phones & made this shot at age 12.

Class to meet five (5) weeks in a row.  Cost:  Your time, participation and $50. Scholarships available.  See   You will learn a simple method of dealing with stressful thoughts and turning them around effectively. You will then be doing  work on your own stressful thoughts.  This will include both oral and written experience. An interactive class which you will be grateful for, for the rest of your life. Promise. Classes are limited to 8 participants and requires a confidential commitment about what is said in the class, stays in the class. For more information, reviews and my teaching qualifications contact me here.